Friday, 25 October 2019


Our project enlightened the importance of stories and storytelling to reduce differences among students. During the two years' collaboration every Partner agreed that storytelling is the right means to foster equality eliciting emotions and feelings which are common to everyone all over the world.Teachers led the students to tell stories, to improve their mother tongue, European foreign languages, to support ICT-based contents through new pedagogical approaches like cooperative learning, peer groups, teaching workshop, inclusive methods to raise students' learning standards and stimulate the motivation particularly of the disadvantaged students.

Once again this project helped me understand that Erasmus is a bridge which UNITES people all over Europe. The experience we lived was fantastic and enriched us!

Good luck to all the participants!

The General Coordinator

Anna Pia Perri

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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

From Turkey !

Hi everybody,

I went abroad for the first time and it was very exciting for me .

I didn't know what was waiting for me! I did not know anyone and I was in a different country among  people with different culltures and religions. Different feelings flooded my mind! To stay in the same house together was incredible . The people there were very friendly. The food tasted different but everything was very nice. I learned Italian numbers and words which was fun.

The trip on the plane was fantastic. It was the first time that I had ever boarded a plane. My host family was very friendly and we spent a lot of time together.

If I did anything wrong (by mistake) I really apologise first to the Marogo family and then to all teachers and students.

Finally, participation in ERASMUS is recommended J


                                                                                                                             Best wishes                                                                                                                                                                    Mürüvet YILMAZ

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From Turkey !

Hello !

Italy was a life lesson for me ...

Because I saw different people there, started friendships, met families.

I couldn't sleep the day before I left. It's because I was going on a plane for the first time and going abroad.

First we went to Rome and it was very nice.

We boarded the train and the ride was beautiful.

When we reached our destination, the families greeted us which was a beautiful moment.

They took me to eat pizza and I was a little embarrassed, but I knew I'd get used to it.

The next days we commuted to school as part of the project.

In the evening, we had fun at home with our friends.

The time passed very quickly and I was happy and relaxed.

It was fun to go to the beach and play games, listen to music and chat together.

The day we left Italy was really bad.

I was so sorry we were coming back. I missed my family and friends.

I loved my family very much. They treated me very well. And most importantly, I came back to my country with great memories.

I am grateful to Erasmus and my teachers.

Thank you for everything.


                                                            Regards !


                                                                 Edagül ÇELEBİ

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From Turkey..

Hi everyone !

Going abroad was a very good experience for me and one that I will never forget. I was worried about the fact that our languages were different because I had never been abroad before. I thought we wouldn't get along. But it wasn't what I imagined. The people there were very good people. I'm so glad I made so many friends from there.

Thanks to the Erasmus project, I boarded a plane and train for the first time and I spent time with foreign people. I learned about different flavors and cultures. I learned how to go abroad, the things that should be paid attention to. In the future I hope to take an exam at University and go abroad. Even when I have a profession, I want to travel as often as possible. If I hadn't gone abroad before, I wouldn't have had such dreams.

 I was very upset after returning to Turkey because I was accustomed to Italy and had a very good relationship with Ludovica and her family as we got on really well. So it was a little difficult to leave them. I would like to thank my teachers and friends for this adventure and I will never forget it during my life.

                                                                                                             Love you All ! Thanks !

                                                                                                                                Nagehan YİĞİT

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Friday, 7 June 2019

Adrian Ghiță-17 years old

Erasmus is a powerful experience. It can change your life completely.
Living abroad, studying something different or in a different way is something you will never ever forget. The pleasure of Erasmus doesn't begin when you start your Erasmus: it starts earlier, on the very day you get notified of the fact that you were accepted into the programme.
The mobility in Italy  "the greatest accident" that happened in my life. I decided to apply for Erasmus not because I wanted to leave, but because everyone was enthusiastic about it and I thought about it as a way to prove to myself. I am a good student and the decision was not in vain. I was assigned to Italy. I didn't know anything about this country. I never thought about visiting it and never met an Italian person in my life.
I started to be more sociable. I did not wait anymore for someone to start a conversation. I could tell a stranger that he or she has beautiful eyes, I learnt to say "no", when I did not like something and I learnt to express the things I did not like or approve, so I did not let them gather in my mind as usual. And that was very important, as I'm a super sensitive person.
I overcame language barriers. I never had the opportunity to practice my English before, so it was the perfect occasion. I improved my English, learnt and fell further in love with languages and discovering interesting aspects of them or amazing vocabulary. So, I started to write for a journal in my country about similarities, cute, unique, beautiful words and how language is influenced by our cultures.
I became more courageous. I participated in a theater scene with an English script, even though all people were from other countries. I learnt to take risks and don't care about what people will say.
I fell in love with traveling. I enjoy getting lost in new places, and discovering those things that you can't find in a guide. Friends and loved ones were the most difficult to leave behind. If I would not be in a relationship and have a family I think I would have left long ago to explore the world with no plans in mind, just go and work somewhere for 2-3 months, then move further, and so on. (Adrian Ghiță-17 years old)

Monday, 18 March 2019


"European Projects give us the opportunity to forge new friendships all over Europe and strengthen a European identity! "
"Erasmus+ Projects are really amazing. They broaden our mind by travelling and exploring other cultures!"
"You have the chance to meet people from other countries, cooperate with them, exchange ideas, know foreign cultures and become a real European citizen!"
March 2019 Prof.ssa Anna Pia Perri

"Teachers have the opportunity to educate students to become understanding and independent people with an open heart and mind."
"Taking part in an Erasmus+ Project is important for personal growth and for professional development. It opens up new horizons and you feel emotionally involved!"
March 2019 Prof.ssa Anna Pia Perri

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Natali Mur-Ioniță-16 years old-mobility in Slovenia

Erasmus was, is and I think it will be the best project in highschool. The best memories and a lot of things I have learnt playing. It changed my life because I had the chance to meet incredible people from a lot of countries and I don't really know if another project could give me this chance. Now I have friend from a lot of countries in Europe and I still talk to them very often. I will repeat Erasmus every time I will have  the chance to do it and I hope kids around the world will be into the Erasmus activities, too because it is unforgettable. I would like to thank everyone for envolving me in this magical atmosphere  and especially to the teachers and the host families, kids and parents for being so close, familiar and caring.
(Natali Mur-Ioniță-16 years old-mobility in Slovenia)

Monday, 29 October 2018

Diana Radu-16 years old- mobility from Slovenia

When I started this project, I was really excited. When it all started and the students from Italy, Turkey, Slovenia and Bulgaria came in Romania, everything around me came to life and I felt like I was a part of something important and special. I made new friends very quickly and I got along with everybody. During that week the most I liked were the trips and the workshops we had together. I'm glad that I had the chance to show to the others a small part of the beauties of our country. When I was in Slovenia I was really excited. I was very happy to be there. I felt very good when we attended outdoor classes and when we were on the trip to Bled.
Everything was a great experience that I will never forget and I would definetly repet it and I'm really happy that I had the chance to be a part of it.  (Diana Radu-16 years old-  mobility from Slovenia)

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

"We travel not to escape reality, but for reality not to escape us"

Thanks to Erasmus, we were able to live one of the greatest experiences a teenager could ever dream of. In October we went to Ljubjana, the capital of Slovenia, which the Erasmus project let us appreciate to its fullest.
 The school we attended was in Komenda, a small town near the capital: there, we had the chance to meet numerous Slovenian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Romanian students who made our journey even more unforgettable.
 Not only we did visit the main attractions, but we also learned about Slovenian culture and traditions and were part of it for the whole week.
 This opportunity helped us to overcome prejudices and stereotypes and this is why it was a huge source of enrichment, and the only price you'll have to pay for the richness of knowing and loving people in more than one place is that you will never be able to feel completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere.

Barbaro Asia IV CL
D'Alì Marida IV CL

Thursday, 18 October 2018

October 2018

Ottobre 2018
 Teachers have the opportunity to educate students to become understanding and independent people with an open heart and mind.”
“Taking part in an Erasmus+ Project is important for personal growth and for professional development. It opens up new horizons and you feel emotionally involved!”
Prof.ssa Anna Pia Perri

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Erasmus  allows  us  to  be  in  contact  with  people  from  different  countries,  communicating through the use of English, to enrich our knowledge. Our experience  was  to  go  to  Romania.  We  stayed  in  a  hotel  situated  in  a  lovely village called Targoviste. Every morning we went to school and we got  a  very  good  welcome  from  the  teachers  and  students.  On  free  afternoons,  we  went  out  with  the  Romanian  girls,  who  were  always available  to  make  our  days  special  and  fun.  On  other  days  we  visited  the  most  important  castles  and  churches    of  that  country.  During  that  week,we  also  met  Bulgarian, Turkish  and  Slovenian  people.  Each  country  had  the  opportunity  to  present  the  history  of  their  own  country.  We  learned  to live far from our homes. It was nice to participate in Romanian school activities,  to  listen  to  their  songs  and  to  dance  with  them.  Erasmus  can’t  be  explained,  it   must  be  experienced  because in  this  way  we  learn  to appreciate what is around us because it will not last forever.
                                                Ferraro Maria Concetta IV BLMacrì Desirè IV BL

Monday, 30 April 2018

I Love Erasmus

The experience that I lived during the Erasmus mobility in Bulgaria was very significant and important. Thanks to this opportunity I was able to get information about a European country. Since the first day the students were very sociable and friendly and together with the teachers they welcomed us in the best way. Every day we did a different activity,  to get to know each other better: they showed us their typical dances and we also went on a school tour. Compared to Italian schools, the structure of the building is different, in fact the classes are much larger and each of them is divided according to the school subject. The teaching organization is almost the same as ours but the thing that struck me in particular was the rotation of the students in the various classes according to the subject. Even the grades change and within the structure there is also a canteen where the students have lunch every day. After school, the students took us around to show us their daily lives and I noticed that they have less freedom than us, especially in the evenings because after 9:00 pm there is a curfew. We also went on some educational excursions and visited many places and I must say that I was very impressed by the order and the cleanliness of the streets. Compared to Italy the clock is one hour ahead; moreover they have lunch at 12 o’clock and have dinner at 6 pm. I’m still in touch with the students I met in Bulgaria and we can’t wait to meet again.
Fatima Deodato  IV ASU

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Alina Lixandru-17 years old

My name is Alina Lixandru, I am now in the 10th grade. Two years ago I decided to apply for the position in one of the mobilities from Erasmus+ project Theatre Unites Europe. I had to pass an interview, a test and I was in. At that time it was the idea of travelling and to meet new people. I did not know too much about what an Erasmus project means.
So the very first mobility abroad –Bulgaria and I was part of the team. It was a life-changing experience with a lot of opportunities. I developped my English skill and I learnt how to communicate more. I have learnt that we are all equals regardlessto  what culture or race we belong to.
Friendship that we built it is the best "luggage" to take everywhere . I became more sociable, more vivid, more alive. We had fun, love, cultural experiences, tears, hugs, trips, emotions, future plans, traditional dances, music, songs, theatre, rehearsals, sweat, laughs and many unforgettable moments. To be continued…
(Alina Lixandru-17 years old-)

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


From the 16th to 21st of April 2018, I was lucky to take part in the Erasmus Project in Bulgaria, exactly in Varshets, a small village, full of welcoming and sociable people.I met boys and girls from other countries: Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia and Romania, all there to live the same experience.All the people I met were fundamental in making my days memorable and in enriching them.The first day we arrived, we visited the magnificent city of Sophia, then a small bus took us to our destination,Varshets. Immediatelyafter we arrived we received a fantastic welcome: snacks and sweets to make us feel “at home”. I was catapulted into a reality far from me, which quickly became my daily life: day after day, I liked that reality a lot. In the morning we had lessons then we had a lunch break with all the other students and in the afternoon we went on excursions and we spent evenings in the gardens telling stories.People were very friendly and the stories they told became more and more magical in my eyes.Erasmus Plus changes you, you do not remain indifferent. I had the opportunity to grow, to mature, to reflect and to improve my English. I had to relate to people I had never met before and to force myself to speak foreign languages. When I think about it, I miss it, yes, I miss every single thing of those days... I have the memories impressed in my mind, the photos with all those people who were a part of this unforgettable experience, that made me experience a great “adventure” called ERASMUS+ 

                                                                                            Benedetta Morelli IV ASU

Monday, 11 December 2017

December 2017

Dicembre 2017
 “European Projects give us the opportunity to forge new friendships all over Europe and strengthen a European identity!
“Erasmus+ Projects are really amazing. They broaden our mind by travelling and exploring other cultures!”
“You have the chance to meet people from other countries, cooperate with them, exchange ideas, know foreign cultures and become a real European citizen!”
Prof.ssa Anna Pia Perri